Eagle payment system vision is to make crypto currency usable and acceptable in any place and for any kind of payment. Any token and digital asset convertible easily to a suitable fiat money.

Users can also exchange their fiat token to another fiat token through decentralized money exchange if needed.

Eagle payment system, a payment system using blockchain technology supporting fiat money tokens that comply with the regulatory authorities of most jurisdictions and reduce the risk of cryptocurrency fluctuation. Imagine that everybody can buy a snack or pay for electricity using cryptocurrencies they have.

Our vision is to make Eagle payment system a new generation of payment system that is accessible to a wide range of users, is easy to use, has a low fee, and complies with the regulatory regimes all jurisdictions.


Eagle Payment System will be based on IronGeekChain

an independent platform with below features:

  • Support multiple type of digital asset
  • Consensus mechanism “Iron dBFT”
  • Quantum resistant – to prevent a massive attack from quantum computers.
  • Cold staking – holders will receive BENZ coins by holding EagleX.
  • Desktop, mobile, and web wallets.
  • Master Nodes - nodes will receive fee for token transaction
  • Decentralized Application and ICO – platform will support smart contracts

Performance comparison

fishkaEaglex fishkaBitcoin fishkaMail
Speed 1000 TPS (Planning to increase in future) 7 TPS 15 TPS
Smart contract Yes No Yes
Language support Multiple Single Single
Smart contract deployment fee Medium --- Cheap
Number of coin 72 Millions 17 Millions 98 Millions
Divisible Yes Yes Yes
Transaction fee BENZ BTC ETH
Algorithm Iron dBFT POW POW

EagleX (EGX) represent the managing power of the blockchain and act as the main digital asset in the system. Total amount of EagleX is 72 million with 2 decimals. All EagleX are pre-mined.

The benefits for EagleX holders are including:

  • EagleX holders can do cold staking and receive BENZ.
  • EagleX will become the main currency used for buying token when an ICO is conducted in Eagle payment system.
  • EagleX will also become the main currency to be paired with other coins when the decentralized exchange is built in Eagle payment system.
  • EagleX holders can receive airdrop when a token is issued in Eagle ecosystem.
  • EagleX has a free transaction fee makes EagleX becoming perfect digital asset for transferring need.

BENZ is created for powering the IronGeekChain; all transaction, voting and smart contract deployment fee will be charged in BENZ. BENZ can be acquired by staking EagleX. The EagleX holder just need to hold their EagleX in its wallet and will get BENZ without need to turning on the network, therefore, it is called cold staking. Maximum total supply of BENZ is 144 million with 2 decimals which will be reached in 10 years. The BENZ generated for the first year is 64 million BENZ, then 32 million, 16 million, 8 million, and 4 million BENZ per year until reach maximum total supply. There is no pre-mined BENZ at the beginning.

The use of BENZ for smart contract deployment and transaction fee will make BENZ price sustainable.