Max Supply Only 12 Million

When EagleCoin was released, 3 600 000 EAGLE (30% of maximum coin supply) was created initially.

Maximum coin supply: 12 000 000 EAGLE.

initial supply 30%
3 600 000 EAGLE

1 500 000 EAGLE

marketing and others
1 500 000 EAGLE

bounties and air drop
600 000 EAGLE

Proof of Stake (PoS Calculator)

Token can be staked without GPU and without turning on your computer, because everything runs in Ethereum Blockchain, staking rate in the first year is 100%.

Read Staking Tutorial Read Staking Tutorial (Russian Version)

Take EaglePay Token Free!

EPT holder will get transaction fee discount when they process a transaction in the EaglePay system based on their ownership of EPT. EPT holder can also get special vouchers when there is a promotional event.


The final stage of our project is creating a payment gateway system using a blockchain technology that is user both user-friendly and meets regulatory requirements.

EagleCoin is not an ICO project. We will develop EagleCoin to build a strong community, to create a digital value for transactions and for dividend payment and to make a profitable investment asset.

EagleCoin community building
August 2017

In Exchange
EagleCoin release in exchange
October 2017

Wallet App
Android and iOS Wallet
February 2018

Tor Network
Tor Network Integration
February 2018

EaglePay ICO
August 2018

Payment Gateaway
EaglePay Release
March 2019

EaglePay Team

Mateus Yonathan
Founder and Analyst Programmer

Samsul Amar
Co-founder and EaglePay Product Specialist

Zahid Imran
Professional Networker and Crypto Expert

Andy Gunawan
IT Support Manager

Gary Palmer
SEO Expert

Alexander Kostin
Community Manager RU